My friend Tali’s new album ‘The Digger’s Widow’ was released earlier this month and although I don’t usually write about my friends albums there are two points upon which I would voice my opinion. The first is the huge compliment paid to myself by the inclusion of two of my paintings (A Girl with Cosmos Hair and Monochrome Dig) in the albums accompanying art and lyric book and the use of the cosmic haired girl as the cover of the album itself.

The Girl with the Cosmic Hair was originally commissioned for a compilation album that has never been made. I am so happy that she has fulfilled her destiny – Thank you Tali.

The second point is that never before have I been so struck by such a beautiful voice. Tali’s album is a treasure trove of good song writing and musicianship but what took my breath away was the sublime clarity and warm timbre of Tali’s voice. His skill as storyteller, lyricist and vocalist are all evident and these lovely qualities, along with this beautiful voice, has bought me joy on every listen.