Back in 2014 Aaahh!!! Real Records released my first album, a collaborative collection of arrangements of traditional folk songs. The music released by this ‘fiercely independent’ label encompasses most genres however the vast number of artists in its roster all share something in common, which is we all love Ian, but, more to the point ‘Ian loves us!’. Ian, the sole force behind Aaahh!!! Real Records has always maintained it’s a labour of love and a way to help his friends and promote their music.

Aaahhh!!! Real Records Website

Collaboration with Tom Gaskell

I am always delighted when people tell me they enjoy this album. The Joy of being present while Tom engineered and recorded this album and during the process of mixing it was certainly what has driven me to try it myself. I would then go on to work with Lea Nicholson and learn more about recording techniques and processes from him. .