Naomi Randall ★★★★ Songlines Magazine 2020


Reviews of ‘Very Nearly Nocturnes & Gnomic Verse’

‘The Cambridge folkie’s third release is a five-track EP of cascading, interwoven vocals (think Linda Perhacs and Moondog’s early madrigals), and tender acoustic backing that’s as soft as a butterfl y wing’s breeze on an early autumn afternoon. Fluttering flute on the wispy ‘Loaf Of Space’ and ‘Preserving The Peace’, the minstrelsy stroller ‘Dreaming Of Dawn’ (with chirping bird accompaniment) and the hypnotic acid lullaby ‘Go To Sleep’ deliver a pleasantly relaxing listening experience. ‘A Laundry Lullaby’ is even more soothing and as hypnotic as watching a spin cycle in the wee hours of a 24-hour laundromat after an all-night tea party. Utterly delightful and a welcome addition to your catalogue of Vashti, Linda Perhacs, Alison O’Donnell and Bridget St John albums.’

Jeff Penczak – Shindig Magazine Nov 2021

 ‘…the overall effect giving the impression of drifting in and out of consciousness. Or as if some nocturnal siren is gently beckoning you to into an inviting and warm but dark void where all is peaceful and calm, clearing your mind of all the days clutter in the process. You can resist for only so long before you become intoxicated and its musical charm wraps itself around you and pulls you in. ‘

Dave Hammond – DJ/Blogger

 ‘..the soothing, strings-shimmering and woodwind caressed ‘Laundry Lullaby’ which sounds as though it belongs in some 30s MGM pastoral fantasy..’

Mike Davies – for

Reviews of ‘Tepid on my Trippin’ Heels’

‘Wistful, understated, delicate yet with restrained power, it needs to be listened to with your full attention, but it’s a decidedly auspicious opening bow that deserves many encores.’

Mike Davies – for FATEA magazine

‘…right from the first listen, I was enchanted. Randall is very much in the English grain, the music and lyrics having a gentle, wistful quality. Imaginatively recorded so to emphasise the atmosphere of each song, Randall’s voice is quirky but has a bell-like clarity, holding the listener’s attention as the songs unfold. The term ‘psych-folk’ has been overused, but Tepid on my Trippin’ Heels fits it perfectly. Songs like ‘Devils fountain’ and ‘Cabbage White’ recall certain 1960s era troubadours but don’t try to emulate them. Instead, Randall has her own voice and her songs, both traditional numbers and originals, work well for her. It is a perfect album for winter.’


Garth Cartwright – for Songlines Magazine December 2020

‘Soft and dreamy sounds that, with shades of Joni Mitchell, ethereal vocals, sweet harmonic textures and birdsong, mask gritty songwriting and some personal angst. Hidden within are also intriguing arrangements of traditional songs. A perfect album for the lazy, hazy days of summer and a great antidote to the chaos of our current world.’ 

Carole Pegg

It mixes several strains of folk (traditional, freak, pastoral, psychedelic) to mesmerising and beguiling effect with some lovely instrumental flourishes. There’s an ethereal beauty to some songs, especially those with minimal backing, while others draw you in with their ability to relate tales and snippets of stories which capture the imagination. Naomi’s voice is captivating, an attractive mix of folkie with a dreamy hippy quality.

Dave Hammond – DJ/ Blogger


Bonnie Dobson

Older reviews:

“… probably the single most eye-wateringly lovely thing I’ve heard this year”

-fRoots magazine

“Randall possesses a truly classic English voice – comparable with the very best”

fRoots magazine

“Naomi’s sparsely decorated voice, somehow simultaneously haunting yet authoritative and of course, experimented with…”

Carole Pegg for fRoots magazine

“… the crystalline brightness and purity of Randall’s voice.”

Shindig magazine