Naomi Randall ★★★★ Songlines Magazine December 2020


‘Very Nearly Nocturnes & Gnomic Verse’ is out now!

‘…the overall effect giving the impression of drifting in and out of consciousness. Or as if some nocturnal siren is gently beckoning you to into an inviting and warm but dark void where all is peaceful and calm, clearing your mind of all the days clutter in the process. You can resist for only so long before you become intoxicated and its musical charm wraps itself around you and pulls you in.’

Dave Hammond DJ/Blogger

‘Tepid on my Trippin’ Heels’ is out now!

‘Wistful, understated, delicate yet with restrained power, it needs to be listened to with your full attention, but it’s a decidedly auspicious opening bow that deserves many encores.’

Mike Davies – for FATEA magazine