Naomi Randall ★★★★ Songlines Magazine 2020


Comfort studies Series

Titled the ‘comfort Studies’ these paintings are created using oil paint, acrylic and shellac. These are images of imagined pure comfort were it to travel as waves like that of light or sound. Each a cross-section of a transverse wave, like a target except the centre is hollow and the beam is travelling towards you. From an unseen source the colours pulsate and radiate a warm contentment outgrowing the confines of the canvas saturating the viewer. The rough and well-worn texture implies a permanence and durability, more solid and substantial than just light or colour. With no hard lines this beam won’t penetrate or harm you but rather give you a reassuring hug as it passes.

Painted on canvas and board most are approximately 12″ square. No.6 is 2′ square on canvas. For sales or if you would like to know more please email

Microphone Series

A series of popular microphones.


I paint butter to spread joy. Often these mixed media butters appear unattached to the real world but instead give a floating 3dimensional comfort to a cosmic limbo dreamscape which includes planetary orbs and disks created using collage. The more traditional oil paintings began as an experiment on recreating the three different textures of the butter, the paper, and the knife.

Commissions & Album Art

Some previous commissions and projects, mostly album art, posters and t-shirts.

Gatefold for Hannah and Bens ‘Ink of the Rosy Morning released 1/4/22