My first thought was to include the albums lyrics on the back of the sleeve. At the time I hadn’t written any liner notes and including the lyrics seemed like a good way of achieving the Blue Note aesthetic I wanted without the work of writing something new. However it became quickly apparent that the lyrics were not going to work as part of the design. It was very ‘blocky’ and hard to read. I was also put off by the thought of someone reading the lyrics without having heard the context of the music. Lyrics are not poems and mine certainly don’t stand up on their own. There was even risk, I thought, of putting a potential listener off. So I wrote some liner notes and thought no more about it.

Tepid on my Trippin’ Heels lyrics

It was only when I came to type the lyrics (and chords) up with the hope of recruiting some accompaniment that I thought they might make a nice addition to album package. Of course my mind raced at the exotic and artistic possibilities. I was however restricted by cost and time. Maybe one day I will illustrate every line of every song in a 100 page, colour printed hard back but there was little chance of achieving this dream before the release date of the 4th of September on a budget of nothing.

I knew I wanted each to be unique and have a handmade element but I also knew the text had to be printed as my handwriting is awful. A few trials and many errors later I decided on adding a finger painting of my dad’s cat and some bees.

I really enjoyed the printing and production line process (aching thumbs and all) of making these and am seriously thinking about my next home made publication.

Tepid on my Trippin’ Heels is out on the 28th August 2020.